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Hollywood Producer.

Are we done with holding back how we really feel?

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A Proposal for Film

Dramatic Series for Television


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Format Description

1-2 Hr. Episodes  - (2-hr. pilot Episodes 1& 2)

(Second-tier of core characters introduced in Season 2 as descendants/friends of the pilot cast of characters.)



Against the backdrop of war and cultural revolution, the descendants of two 20th century families share an epic journey of undaunted resilience, coming of age as Americans.


The Central Message — Based on actual events, Season 1 chronicles the tenacious deeds of compassion against the quest for global dominance. The greatest generation confronts a world changing direction—when resolve becomes the cause for mankind's affections.

Character Summary

The Brookes and Carters have little in common except the title to The Rockford - a mail-order house delivered for construction in the university town of Carrington, c. 1929. Yet, despite provincial class or ethnic origins, both families dig into a shared legacy, daring to believe that individual liberty desperately matters if they can keep it. 

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In Virginia, the multiple of lawyers per capita was but .27%, according
to the recent census. Using simple arithmetic, each Virginia ABA member
could, ostensibly, represent but 3.6% of the criminal suits in its court system.
That’s not to say there was no need for more capable attorneys. That’s not to
say that crimes against society were down.

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