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I'm a Boomer who is stirred up about the present-age of American politics and religion. It's our right to speak boldly about both. Therefore, the subjects worm their way into fictional narratives, unconventional by today's WOKE standards. My digital fingerprint renders me unworthy to even run for a dog catcher. Did you know that over 30% of the United States GDP is spent on politics? Every two years, America endures another vicious cycle of politicians hell-bent on getting something--which is probably why people never seek higher office.

Bombarded by a corrupted, 24-hour media, the 'news' is hardly newsworthy. The search for truth is blurred by slander, deceit, hyperbole, and delusion. It's hard to get through with the facts and easier not to pay attention. We can survive in atheistic, socialist, and even communist worldviews that are unhinged in today's culture. I take shelter in "My Truth, The Truth. There's only one." Less is more to finding the answers to life's mysteries; everything we need to know about life and death is recorded in the oldest printed book known to humanity. But we must return to reading, and listening is vital. Substantiated facts are critical in the debate. Love is the referee. There is a plan, and we're in it. The Bible is no quaint myth.


As the forums for the free expression of my deeply-held beliefs increasingly come under siege, guarding against censorship with reason is all that is left. If believing enough in our faith, we might profess to give it away to our neighbors more freely: Door-to-door, one heart at a time. Just like in a campaign, but with a more promising stump speech. Personal responsibility bears the perfect witness to change. Maybe the old days of the 20th century's revival were better, after all?


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