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My Turn to Speak. Guaranteed.

I'm a writer who gets stirred up about politics and religion. It's our right to speak boldly about both.                            Therefore the subjects worm ways into the narrative which delivers me unpopular, to say the least. My digital fingerprint proves me unverifiable to even run for dog catcher. Did you know that over 30% of the United States' GDP is spent on politics? Every two years, America endures another vicious cycle of politicians hell-bent on getting something.


Candidates will lie to win and leak classified information. Government officials will cheat counting the ballots, or deny impropriety at all costs to keep the power. Although I still react to these injustices like flinching an aging muscle; ignorance has come home to roost. And yet this is not a new phenomenon. In the end, what is the point? Let's talk about the End Game, the hope for us all.

Bombarded by a corrupted, 24-hour media, the 'news' is hardly newsworthy. The search for truth is blurred by slander, deceit, hyperbole, and delusion. It's hard to get through with the facts and easier not to pay attention. To survive, I hope to undergo a shift in the coming days, embarking on THE ENGAGEMENT PROJECT with Del Tackett.  After ten weeks, we will attempt to answer the question, "Why did Jesus leave us behind?" Less is more to finding the answers. Listening is key. Substantiated facts are critical in the debate. Love will be the referee.


As the forums for the free expression of my deeply-held beliefs increasingly come under siege, guarding against censorship with rational arguments is all we've got left. If believing enough in our faith, we might profess to give it away to our neighbors more freely: Door-to-door, one heart at a time. Personal responsibility bears the perfect witness for change. Maybe the old days of evangelizing really were better, after all?

Check back for succinct blog posts to chronicle this novel approach in post-modern 'digital times.' And watch for the landmines of carefully placed adverbs and other archaic language forms. This writer wants to remind you that words, customs, and ancient laws, still have meaning. Seriously.

February 8, 2021


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 c. 1998

When Bill Clinton Lied to Us on TV 

From 1995 - 2000  I was the marketing director at THE RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE in Charlottesville, Virginia. My primary role was to produce two syndicated radio programs for over 500 stations in the U.S. and its territories. Each daily PSA had a toll-free hotline, and our phones were constantly ringing. We also received much mail, often anonymous, handwritten letters warning about certain politicians. It was a scary time, as the deep state aimed to put the muzzle on ordinary citizens. And the black Suburbans arrived to stake-out the dissenters. As the Internet became a household tool, a phone call or fax was still the faster means of inciting a call-to-action.


Under John W. Whitehead's leadership, and since the late 1980s, the extensive team of pro bono affiliated lawyers from the 50 states discovered thousands of crimes against the Constitution. Civil liberties include the right to be free from sexual harassment by a government agent. When Bill Clinton lied to us about Monica Lewinsky, he perjured himself and was subsequently impeached. What should that story teach us about politics? About the human heart? About how far we have to go in pleasing others, and God with our behaviors?


Then, as now, constitutional jurists are still the burr in the liberal elites' saddle. If globalists or socialists cling to power now, our Constitution is peskier than ever before. Make no mistake: The Rutherford Institute remains one of the most steadfast guardians of the First Amendment, parental rights, government over-reach, etc. 

If you ever find yourself in need of an advocate--or unable to defend your legal rights--contact www.rutherford.org