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Just Like in Carrington
Pictured Left, "Queenie" with Anne Carter Thomas


Old Joe Carter, from Vol. 5


Reader Reacts

Part 1, Volume 1 Chapter 7 (1969)

"Regarding the abortion clinic scene. I was glad that you were as descriptive of the possible side effects, and that she made her symptoms very real. I took a roommate that I did not know well to get an abortion in 1979, and I picked her up afterward. Her side effects were similar. Your description was very realistic, not a stretch at all.

I love that Shari espouses liberal views in spite of the wildly popular Reagan.  And you’ve juxtaposed Anne Carter and Skip as likable ‘normal’ conservatives. It’s fabulous—why isn’t this book on every book club list?"

                                                                        "N" in Crozet

Copyright Rebecca Templeman, 2015

"She turned the page and read the full disclaimer:

The methods used to terminate unwanted pregnancy in the early term have not been studied. There is a high probability that complications can and do occur. The most common is from the medications…heavy bleeding…oftentimes a blood transfusion is required. Other complications include the possibility of retaining tissue and uterine infection, permanent scarring to the vaginal region and other organs,permanent injury to the bladder, lower gastrointestinal disorders, painful menstrual cysts, ovarian tumors, endometrial cancer…the inability to conceive…

    Shari felt nauseous, and quickly flipped to the last page:

    There have been unreported deaths related to a rare infection that can occur after the procedure but there is no direct evidence that the deaths..."

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