Don't Vote Early.

It's campaign season in Mr. Jefferson's Country. Again. In the post-modern 'convenience' of early and mail-in voting, daylight's burning at the ballot box. A cavalier 'early vote' is more likely to be lost or discarded like roadkill on the superhighway of election fraud. Franklin Roosevelt was right: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

As an industry, politics comprise one-third of America's GDP. It's big business, from Washington, D.C., lobbyists to non-profit pseudo interests like Arabella Advisors. Their joint mission is to maintain or seize power. Despite the lure of early voting, it is unsuitable for a Republic. We must be willing to stand up for one woman, one vote. Rebecca Templeman may be right: It's harder to cheat if we all show up to vote on election day.

The late Tipp O'Neill said, "All politics are local." The state of Albemarle's public education makes a case for running candidates untethered to today's power-hungry political machine. Take a closer look at the "Bios" of our current school board members, and you may conclude that 'smarter is not always better.'

The Albemarle County Schools' website has had a total whitewash, and now presents their board members as your neighbors, 'everyday" people who 'rang doorbells' because they care about equity and access. Three members are lawyers, although Callsen from the Rio District, does not disclose that in her biography. "Dr." Acuff, a PhD (we are not told in what field, nor do I care), has ties to UVa and other education influencers. Le is a journalist from the Rivanna district. Alcaro, the 'at-large outlier,' boasts an M.B.A. in finance, Osborne holds two M.A. diplomas. And Paige, who escaped last year's challenge by write-in candidate, Randy Zackrisson, was a career high school science teacher.

These elected citizens are proud of their credentials. However, they hid behind ZOOM meetings, unwilling to meet their constituents' complaints in person. There remains a concerted resistance to respond directly to public comments and concerns. The Administration had clearly defined talking points by specific County Employees to defuse objections. This motley collection of educational elitism wears the disguise of representative government. Sadly, its infamy was not an accident. By serving on a school board, individuals taste the first-fruits of ambitions for higher office. As for local employment, the central administration is often a revolving door of 'moving up the ladder.' And so the dangerous cycle of politics continues.

Because all initiatives for change start locally, our numbers do not lie: the scholastic achievement gaps reflect ignorant policies of these liberal elites. Who among them has taken a closer look at gaps in our 3rd grade reading levels? Only 66% of Albemarle County's students have mastered the minimum standards test. What useful good does the Board of Education bring to solving this problem if a member is unwilling to object? By conforming to the takeover of dumbed-down education, they are ineffective emperors and empresses wearing no clothes.

2022 is an off-year for school board elections. But the natives are growing restless, and we demand more authentic representation. One's education does not equate to responsible governance. Across America, truck drivers and business owners are stepping up to take a swing at changing the system. Though the progressives (and many RINOs) tell us a college degree is needed, nothing could be further from the truth. We need four reasonable candidates to win seats on the Board of Education to effect real change. 1) An at-large candidate, 2) Rio District, 3) Rivanna District, and 4) White Hall Districts. A run for the money is better than no contest at all.

Children in today's upside-down culture need--deserve- committed candidates. We respect bus drivers, housewives, and retail clerks' voices to be heard. We feel the pain of WOKE policies of an uneducated generation denied a classical education. In my opinion, Randy Zackrission would have been a refreshing alternative had his name been on the ballot.

If you aspire to serve the community, please consider running for the election. We've got your back because we're on the same team. And we vote in person!

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