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One Year Ago Today.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

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What could be better than spending a couple of hours with old friends, in the old homeplace? Join us for delicious refreshments and a short program. Q&A with the author and a guest appearance by an OLD CARRINGTON “Coach.” In the flesh. September 15, 2018. rsvp

It is written: A prophet(ess) is not without honor except in her hometown.

Booksigning Anniversary

The first bouquet of fresh roses arrived on the 14th – from a dear friend in Atlanta who so hated to miss the event. The tents went up the following day, and after the Real-Life, Katja Dykstra, was done setting the table for tea, it was destined to be a party to remember.

Cases of ‘complimentary’ author copies of the books arrived in time. And even one of the guests of honor – the Real-Life ‘Joe Carter’ was in tow. The author wrote her remarks in a 3-ring binder, and her hostess – the Real-Life ‘Lacey Slater’ and Drew Blood even had a microphone for acoustic purity.

Only a handful of 'old friends and fans’ took the time to show up. Everyone had prior obligations, forgot, or did not want to join in the fun. Even one of my sisters ungracefully bowed out of her invitation. Indeed, there comes a time and place when a late-in-life author knows when she has worn out her welcome in a place she chose to leave 49 years ago.

Another year has come and gone, and what a difference it has made. Volume 5 was written with more passion, urgency, and grace than I ever imagined possible. It was released two months late, full of those pesky typos – and a story set in real-time in a place very familiar to my ‘new hometown.’  The CARRINGTON stories continue to cut to the heart of our provincial customs - a community where ordinary families become the heroes who are tasked to suffer loss and reversals.

In places like Carrington, it's a comfort to know that what truly matters is when Love Wins. And we move on, marching forward with renewed dignity and strength to not trip over our hubr. Ourur stories get better with every chapter.


“Anne Carter Thomas”

The Real-Life from Carrington

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