The Great Reset

Author's Note: Effectively, on Feb. 8, 2021, SEVEN DAYS IN launched a new look. Searching for clarity and retention, I chose to transfer just three blog posts from the prior website. With only one novel in the 7-part Series to finish, I am led to reset the original tone and converse more candidly with prospective and actual readers. Silence is rarely an excuse for fostering understanding.

I write fiction to 'cross-sell' my worldview. The fundamental undercurrents are intentional themes essential for humanity to coexist. Understanding our history sustains legacy, love of country, loyalty, service, and respect for a community. Old Houses symbolize preservation for the family, forgiveness, and playgrounds to live out our faith.

It is chilling to comprehend President Biden's EOs as they affect human migration from Central America to the United States. Ten of his 45 "Powers of the Pen" either reverse or drastically alter the working systems currently in place. Seeking asylum in a foreign land is a Biblical precept. But, the ruling class has reset what the Constitution allows for our national defense. This political football finds its voice in CARRINGTON. After reading my work, I invite your engagement in a conversation about immigration.

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