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Trash Talking, Carrington Speak.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

No more excuses! Getting back to the keyboard to finish what we've begun. The next and final "season" of Dear Old Carrington must come to its parochial ending. Sadly we will miss one of the B Group anchors, whose destiny, like all protagonists, gets whacked from the pages of the narrative.

Will the story arcs amuse my dear readers? Will the post-pandemic pessimism distract, annoy or enlighten? Against a landfill of planet-saving paranoia and do-good recycling, the author takes a snarky dumpster dive to "complete" the worldview of CARRINGTON's most wealthy Trash Baron. This wayward Jewish friend of the B Group is not-forgotten by Anne et al, so Davey Muhlburg, you've got this. But only if you choose your ultimate destiny

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