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Volume 4 Coming Soon!

Cover Layout Volume 4 ODE TO JOE

In the Wake of the Great Crash of 1929, follow the stories of two American families in the 20th Century’s best and worst of times. Spanning 88-years, the vonBrookes will take a brave stand when political correctness goes mad. Back in Carrington, the whole town is cheering on the Joe Carters, who rise and fall to the cultural changes with ordinary deeds of mercy, kindness, and courage. Set against the backdrop of war, the ‘60s revolution, and the present age searching for meaning, taste a slice of your life in this realistic journey.

Rebecca Templeman continues the literary series grounded in her love for history, old houses and endearing characters to dignify the human condition.

Coming to in early May.

Cover illustration by Juliann Godine.

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