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Word of the Day: Bias

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

I  was ten years old when we trudged across the neighborhood to Mrs. Boyd’s.  She was remarkably bohemian in the way she dressed and smoked cigarettes. Her old house had the coolest back stairway, and a huge dining room where she taught us to sew.

Sewing was a daunting new task that involved many moving parts, including a Singer sewing machine. The art form introduced new language about in-seams, facings, and a 5/8″ stitch. But the one word that still stands out is ‘bias.’ 
She explained it as cutting across the cloth (or substance) with the most revealing portion of the fabric. It resulted in a ‘hand’ to cause the sewn garment to flow as it was intended. I liked the notion of bias.

Then and now, bias cuts to the chase of personal freedom. None of us are alike and we have the freedom to think and believe certain truths. Like Mrs. Boyd, I am intrigued with the broad swath of a fabric;  the Republic flowing, operating freely across the crude demise of the 24-hr. news cycle’s rabid tapestry of pedaling falsely to destroy the truth.

Sadly, our misinformed culture today would have us believe that bias is a negative word. And one we should not embrace. We are told bias can be ‘inherent,’ (subconscious name-calling, labeling, and generalizations.)  Take the I.G.’s 568-page tell-all (?) released today.  It’s mind-boggling to count the instances of ‘bias’ as revealed by the report.

In ‘dear old CARRINGTON’ we have been told by our city officials that we need bias training in light of last August’s violent rally. Bias is portrayed as harmful. Come to find out; the I.G. has the proof that FBI agents have been operating with “bias.” Oh my! How will the progressives process this truth?

Bias? Indeed: coming from the left it is elitist, shrill, politically motivated, vindictive, mean-spirited, and now we know – criminal. The deep state was resolved to protect Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and the others. Now we know that the culprits are the very definition of liberal bias running rampant. It is time to call them to account. They have been exposed for using a government office, (while Obama was the CEO),  to further their political gain and (attempted to) undo the results of a federal election. In the end, the I.G.’s report reveals an undeniable “negative”  bias within the FBI’s top echelon of untouchable bureaucrats. The story should also explain the consequences of the biases that exist in the media, the government, and the liberals who are grandstanding to spin the truth, as I speak. Surely they hope these inconvenient truths will soon be forgotten.

If you watch or listen to cable news, you will have heard the word ‘bias’ being released well ahead of this report. It came as a talking point for the mainstream media to soften the blow of the ‘biased’ findings: corruption, violations of federal laws and protocol, trespassing into the personal and political lives of the very citizens the Agency was created to protect.

As for Hillary Clinton:  she started the entire mess blinded by selfish ambition. And then she lost. Who among us didn’t get that memo? There are COUNTLESS other concerns about her abuse of power. And she should also be held accountable.  It’s bigger than simply saying, ‘get over it!’  I love and respect members of Congress who instinctively know that HRC used a personal email server to further her campaign and jeopardize our freedom. Now, what are they going to do about it?

Call me biased? Sure thing! I have a bias against ignorance, deception, and fraudulent fake news. But,the most revealing thing is this: the more we discover from the special counsels,  the more we realize that we were right in electing Donald Trump to drain the swamp.

Can he do it?

My doubt is rooted in the fear that progressives are too intellectually lazy to admit what our deeply-stated democracy has become. Then again, maybe it’s just a case of ‘they don’t know that they don’t know.’

Mrs. Boyd – I wish I could have a conversation with you today about reaping what we have sewn.    xoxo

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