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July 30th  ZOOM-in to the free BOOK CLUB. We'll recap the LAST VERSE and connect the dots of  Volumes 1-7.

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Fictional Crystal Springs Ranch courtesy
Real Estate of Jackson Hole c. 2012. 

HQ "Carrington 2.0"

The journey ends, but it is actually just beginning.
Bring on the future.

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REBECCA TEMPLEMAN WAS REARED in a small town, historic Marshall, Michigan,  under the influence of a happy, extended family and an affable community where everybody knew your name. She was educated at Colorado State University with a B.A. Degree in English. After three decades as a licensed real estate broker, she bloomed late as an author. 

What began as an epic tale of the 20th century manifested as writing period fiction. She penned a children's mystery in 1994, long before the 2015 release of her debut novel SEVEN DAYS IN CARRINGTON, Volume 1, and the 2017 sequel, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Reminiscent of a memoir, Volume 3, THE SUMMER STORIES chronicles the innocence of youth and coming of age in the mid-late 20th Century. Crafted as a seven-part period fiction series, CARRINGTON has evolved as a dream of becoming a screenplay.


Volume 4, SEASONS OF LIFE, An Ode to Joe, was released in May 2018. Volume 5, "Season 5"- IF STATUES COULD SPEAK - returned to dear old Carrington in August 2019. During the COVID-19 health pandemic, Templeman published Volume 6, CAMP CARRINGTON. The LAST VERSE was released on Amazon on January 25, 2023, completing the series. Producers, agents, or screenwriters may request a copy of the TREATMENT FOR FILM by emailing the author.


Meanwhile back in CARRINGTON, familiar settings are inspired by the author's childhood, impressionable hometown characters, changing political landscapes, and her grandparents. Recurring themes are liberty, immigration and assimilation, Americana, history, with local color littering the landscapes. Templeman is fascinated with Virginia history and old houses. Her lyrical style strikes a chord between the sentimental - and with cadences like an O. Henry vulnerability. Moreover, writing to the beat of current events, period fiction today, drives an urgent call for cultural change.


While living in Charlottesville, Virginia, Templeman entered a short story contest judged by best-selling author John Grisham. The experience laid the foundation for her debut literary novel, SEVEN DAYS IN CARRINGTON. 

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May your house be filled with joy and ho
May your house be filled with joy and ho
May your house be filled with joy and ho
May your house be filled with joy and ho


May your house be filled with joy and ho
May your house be filled with joy and ho
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