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Six Outta Seven Ain't Bad

Updated: May 5

Out of the oven and on its way, the print edition is coming to AMAZON July 4th.

The 12-chapter Vol. 6, including the AFTERWORD, continues the CARRINGTON

Series by Rebecca Templeman.

WHAT IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT, and the politicians got out of the way? Welcome to CAMP CARRINGTON—a Cultural Assimilation Model Program for Central American immigrants. The stakes couldn’t be higher for K-Rey and Andrew Marshall and their A-Team, who pledge billions of dollars as a down payment for Carrington's NEWEST NEIGHBORS fighting for success.

But not everyone agrees, including the last descendant of The Meyer Mansion, who puts her own political ambitions over the dreams of the 1,000 asylees. A page-turning, plausible story poses the question, what difference could it make? From inside The Swamp to San Pedro Sula and Marshall, Michigan, Templeman takes you joy-riding with some old and new Hometowners—still chasing after freedom, and singing another beautiful anthem for the common man.

Copyright 2020, Rebecca Templeman, all rights reserved. ISBN 9798600863767

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