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Happy Trails at Facebook's End

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

One cowgirl's dog & pony show rides off the grid … into the sunset where truth actually means deductive reasoning from a good set of facts.

They'd rather give you a song

Than diamonds or gold

Lonestar belt buckles and old faded Levis, And each night begins a new day

If you don't understand him and he don't die young

He'll probably just ride away."*

Effective Jan. 3, 2022 Seven Days In Carrington, my Cinderella of Social Media turns back into a pumpkin of utter garden variety and personal privacy delight. It's a rhetorical question to inquire what actually provoked the reversal. Anne Carter Thomas and her painted bronc have been a contender since the get-go. Despite her doubts, suspicious of facial recognition features, and leery of who examines her "likes and dislikes," the friends said there was nothing to worry about. What's your beef?

A great escape from truth was the intrusion of 2015 when Donald Trump paraded raw grit inside Trump Tower. His gall was manifested from an escalator for the entire world to sneer or cheer: the folks are still evenly divided. Daring to run against --and if necessary, away from the establishment RINO elites -- the Orange One spurred the social media giants into action. They understood the urgency of bucking The Donald Problem. Against the odds, mucking instead for the brawl, a new brand of mudslinging messed with social media communication and it reached a bitter end. What was once called feedback is now a higher level of data manipulation implemented to dupe user profiles. Facebook et al blindfolded the truth by denying us access to unfiltered information. In a word, my gripe is righteous indignation. Fakebook is censorship plain and simple, but we were too busy click baiting to understand the gravity of the trespass.

In the slow and painful demise of free and fair general elections, to quote the great Merle Haggard, thus there began a snowball headed for hell. The avalanche in Silicon Valley set-out to bury the virtue of free discourse in the fair marketplace of ideas. To the victor belongs the spoils, and in the shootout, for the con changed social media into a Socialist Gymkhana that stinks of unraked horseshit.

By the time Congress discovered the needle in the haystack, (Whistleblower of '21) old school America took the brunt of an infuriated Big Tech. We are called out for daring to criticize the fouls. Our views were cancelled by Woke's misguided definitions of virtue, fairness, justice, and integrity. And my free speech rights were trampled in the stampede.

Metadata does not lie, or so we are told. Neither does an old cowgirl still looking for :08. Yet wisdom tells another tale when we get sent home packing by the New Rodeo. It's been a rough ride, and a real one -- if you believe in the illegitimacy of artificial intelligence.

Taking a parting shot, I enclose this token consolation trophy to all of my 'Facebook Friends.' Hmmm, that such an improper noun so callously used signals the clock running out on the authenticity of human relationships. But keep scrolling down to my movie log. You can tune out CNN (Corrupt News Network) and like Cinderella, arrive at Hollywood's glamorous sets and compelling dialogue. Watch a good movie tonight, instead of the hollow sound of muted thumbs-up passively passing as conversation. The kicker was my surprise that the majority of the films listed herein have a Christian worldview, or a storyline that is searching for one.

My List was captured during a dark day in U.S. history. Lordy, talk about illegitimate! That we should never endure such a State-Takeover in our lifetimes is this cowgirl's prayer for '22. Peace, shelter, health, and safety are found only at the altar of our risen Lord and Savior. Keep Christ in Christmas, partner! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And each night begins a new day. Enjoy the show!

*Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys. Written by Ed and Patsy Bruce in 1975, recorded by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson Waylon & Willie (1978).


And Other Enjoyable Titles per se

(March 2020 – December 2021)

Disclaimer: This collection of ‘reviews’ dates to March 2020, and the horrid Global Pandemic which forced most Americans into a governmentally-mandated state of personal lockdown. Resigned to obey, feeling isolated, cowering to Dr. Fauci, and fearful to know the truth of the Other Scientists In The Room, I resorted to TV options besides those programs parroting the state media's talking points. Returning to TV at-large required a compromise with my spouse, who did not subscribe to staying-up late to indulge in my Movie(s) of the Day. (During the quarantine, he was deemed 'essential,' and choosing to still work, he needed that sleep before midnight while it seemed our world was slipping away.

Suffice to say – I was delightfully surprised by my experience (and 65% probable that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a handful of other ‘pay-for’ movie channels filled the bill for new addicts like me). I say, keep going, and just click-on past those biased podcasts whose primary advertisers guessed it, Big Pharma!

I am enthusiastic, newly-taught about what makes a great movie. We must stay relevant in the cultural divide: especially because a free people should never endure another takeover of our rights without the gumption my Big Screen characters display. Despite our human frailties, we were uniquely created to inspire, just like these fictional creatures. Be one in 2022.


18 Presents (Italian subtitles)

24 Hours To Live

A Hologram for a King



All Together Now (Carol Burnett)

Always Be My Maybe

American Gangster (Denzel Washington and Russell Crow defy BLM narrative)

Angel of Auschwitz

Anne with an E (series re: Anne of Green Gables)

At Eternity’s Gate (life of VanGogh)

At Middleton


Ava (stars Jessica Chastain/Miss Sloan)

Because I said So

Better Call Saul

Black or White

Blue Jasmine

Bodyguard (series)

Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Breaking Bad (a ‘10’)


Burn After Reading (spoof)

Chasing Happiness (life of Jonas Brothers)

Click Bait (C+ series)

Cold War (all in subtitles)

Designated Survivor (series)

Diana – In Her Own Words

Dirty John (series Betty Broderick story)

Dr. Foster (series in England/gullible protagonist)


End of the Affair

Everybody’s Fine (DeNiro is superb)

Fear and Desire

Fisherman’s Friends

Flight (Denzel Washington)


Florence Foster Jenkins


Frances (Frances Farmer)

From the Vine

Full Count (a Christian triumph film)

Genius (fantastic!)

Get Low

Girl With the Pearl Earring


Goliath (series Billy Bob Thornton is a delight)

Grey’s Anatomy (series – latter seasons 18 & 19 full blown woke)

Hachi – A Dog’s Tale (A+ with tears)


Heartland (Canadian series 18 seasons)


Hello My Name Is Doris (Sally Field)

Hello, My Name Is Doris

Herself/Iliza Schlisinger)

Home Fires (series)

Hope Gap

House (medical series set-in Princeton)

House of Cards (series)

Hyde Park on Hudson

I Am Sam (incredible storyline)

I Care A Lot

I Claim the Castle

I Don’t Feel At Home In this World...

I’m Your Woman (mob/1970s)

Iliza Schlesinger (standup comedian)

In Her Shoes

Indian Summers (Masterpiece/BBC)

Into the Wild

Invisible Life (?)

Island At War (series)

Jane Austen Book Club

John Mulaney (standup comedian/former Obamaite)

Kill the Messenger

LaLa Land (overrated)

Larry Crowne

Late Night

Left Behind (Christian/biblical rapture)

Life of Crime

Lincoln Lawyer (Matthew McConoughy)

Lions for Lambs

Longmire (series – couldn't get into it)

Losing Bobby Fisher

Love and Mercy (Beach Boys’ story)

Mad Money

Madame Curie

Maid (series about domestic violence)

Manchester By the Sea

Manchurian Candidate

Manifest (series gets absurd)

Marriage Story (predictable)

Memoirs of a Geisha

Miss Americana (Taylor Swift's sad story)

Miss Sloane (series)

Mission of Honor

Modern Love

Mothers & Daughters



My Mother & Other Strangers (series)

Of Mice & Men (remake)

One Night In Miami (BLM)


Ordinary People

Osage County

Out of Africa

Ozarks (series continues in ‘22)

Pearl Harbor (expanded footage)

Penguin Bloom


Pieces of A Woman

Pine Gap (series borderline trite)

Private Life

Queen’s Gambit (series)


Rectify (series, S1)

Red Joan ’The Life of David Gale'

Red Notice (didn’t get it)



Riding in Cars With Boys (Drew Barrymore)

Rumor Has it

Run Boy, Run

Rush! (Ron Howard directs)

Sarah’s Key (‘42 Parisian Jewish ghetto)

Saving Private Ryan

Serenity (evil)

Serious Moonlight

SEVEN DAYS IN CARRINGTON (Coming Soon? We dream on, having written the treatment for film in Fall of '21. And now, we wait. THE FINAL VERSE, S7 is slowly coming of age.)

Seven Days in Utopia (charmingly real)

Shutter Island

Sneaky Pete ( Margo Martingale was also in THE AMERICANS)

Soldier Spy

Sons of Katie Elder (John Wayne)

Sophie’s Choice (1982 with up & coming Meryl Streep)

Souls at Night

Spinning Out (juvie series ice skaters)

Starfish (state of socialized medicine in UK)

State of Play (series)

Steve Martin & Martin Short (Two funny liberals indulging themselves w/outrageous costumes, a great band & one fine banjo player)

Testament of Youth (WWI)

The Beginning of Everything (Steven Hawking's reckoning with creation.)

The Big Sick (slow start/bi-racial)

The Big Wedding (DeNiro/Keaton/Sarandon.)

The Book of Henry

The Bookshop

The Crown (series continues in ’22)

The Danish Girl

The Dig

The Eichman Show

The Fall (series)

The Father Who Moved Mountains (C- but Carpathian mountain village is authentic)

The Forgotten Battle (WWII Netherlands)

The Girl From Oslo (series/Isis vs. Israel)

The Girl in the Book

The Hero

The Highway Men

The Impossible

The Imposters (farcical series ‘B’)

The Insider (Pacino takes on Big Tobacco)

The Interpreter

The Lady In the Van (Maggie Smith)

The Lakehouse

The Liberator (series c. 1943)

The Master

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Mercy

The Meyerowitz Stories (still not a huge Sandler fan)

The Old Man & the Sea (Anthony Quinn)

The Operative

The Paradise (series)

The Patriot (series – excellent)

The Promise

The Queen

The Railway Man (post WWII)

The Shack (Christian, relationship w/Jesus)

The Terminal

The Theory of Everything

The Trail of Axis Sally/American Traitor

The Whole Truth

The Words

The Zookeeper’s Wife (excellent)

There Will Be Blood

This Beautiful Fantastic

Three Last Days

Tick, Tick, Boom

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Two Hearts

Unbelievable (plausible series)

Uncut Gems (F bombs deluxe!)

Under the Eiffel Tower (traveloguesque)

Unhinged (excessive violence)

Virgin River (series)

Waiting For Anya

Wanted (Australian series)

Water for Elephants (so-so)


Wild Oats

Without Remorse

Woman In the Window (gruesome)

Yellowstone (great scenery/too soapy)

You (series – (narcissistically driven and also highly addictive)

Your Honor (series) Brian Cranston

Copyright 2021 Rebecca Templeman. Lyrics cited with original creative authorship and quoted/noted appropriately above.

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