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The Serial ‘Volume 6’ is Coming!

Like 100 years ago, authors wrote monthly/weekly “Serial Fiction,” published in newspapers or national magazines. With over 5,000 NEW BOOKS released each day on AMAZON, it goes without saying that #SEVENDAYSINCARRINGTON, Vol. 1-5 is not (yet!) a Best Seller. My dream is to sell the entire body of work as a screenplay, and “America’s Answer to #DowntonAbbey.”

To that end, I am inviting a group (willing readers) to come alongside online-for-the-ride. If your feedback is sincere and in earnest to the subject matter, I will incorporate it into the narrative.

Gracious, lovely, house of hospitality. Ednam Hall in Charlottesville- the source of inspiration for VOL. 6 CAMP CARRINGTON

Just click the Contact tab on this blogsite, register, and you’ll be signed up as a Follower. I promise not to pester you by asking you to buy anything. Rather, I want us to experience ‘writing in real-time, on-line’ for a more engaging literary adventure.

Real time, real places to inspire contemporary fiction. Upmarket fiction written with hope for a brighter future. Always & Forever, with Love from CARRINGTON

There’s no place ‘like home’ in an old house.

The ‘real life’ three-story staircase at Ednam Hall – on the National Register.

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