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The Tyranny of the Urgent

Yesterday, I sent an email to a dear, lifetime Republican friend who resides in two other states. I awakened this morning to her reply, which poses a few good questions to chew on over breakfast; an internal monologue wherein we must all come to account with an answer to the rhetorical questions. Except for the American Revolution, never has the tyranny of urgency been more blue in the face while screaming for justice American style.

"I'm deciding 'what about the future of travel'?!?

What did you think of the election?

Was it stolen?

Are you vaccinated?"

My answers were framed in the context of the astounding overreach by the 46th President of the United States. As if the insanity of (mostly illegal) 47 executive orders to-date is not enough evidence of where we're headed, please: Take a moment with me.

How would you answer my friend's questions? Do you know enough about the past election to have an informed opinion? Can you answer yes or no? What are your news sources? Have you become marginalized in the discourse of social media? Has your church insinuated you should stop talking about it? Are you afraid or eager to travel again? What do you think about the politics of WHO, NIH, or your state health department's ability to respond?

The longer we delay speaking up, the more confidently I must profess: A systemic politicization has become the antidote to a global pandemic, and the true causes and effect are being buried as profoundly as millions of missing mail-in ballots. I don't recognize my country anymore.

1) Regarding Travel: If your bucket list of travel destinations is filled to the brim, maybe it's time to stay home. Or, perhaps not. I am such a late-bloomer, just now hungering to explore the UK - possibly Italy, but never Russia, China, or Africa. I'm a fuddy-duddy.

2) How do you prove the fraud? The culprits' digital fingerprints are all over the place. The alleged whistleblower is more than random eyewitness accounts to mass media who will not broadcast their alarms. At the least, and conceived so cleverly by #44, lies the answer to the riddle "How did they do it?" Go back to 2009, read the conclusions from Obama's bipartisan 'commission for fair elections.' Words have meaning; administrations have agendas. Voting machines are designed to be manipulated--with patents now owned guessed it.

3) Was the election stolen? To quote #42, "That depends on what 'is' is." What is the motive for theft? It IS to get something for oneself, or it IS to take something. So, of course, it was stolen, as this graph reveals from a court-ordered hand-count in Michigan after the election. The machine adjusted the votes, stealing 197 from Trump and giving them to Biden. (Donald Trump had to go. He had exposed the creatures of the swamp, and he was not backing down.) This incidence of vote-stealing was not an isolated case.

Ultimately, the evidence of a fraud will be discovered in the data from the very machines - but only if the Supreme Court decides to hear her case. There is still time to present the truth, when on February 19th Sidney Powell's Hail Mary plea will argue the discovery of fraud in the questionable metro districts - when Biden's votes exceeded President Trump's in the wee hours of the morning--after the poll workers were told to go home. (The digital fix.) If you are hard-core, as am I, you may want to take your time reading this link-- extensive documentation that verifies the correspondence, and more, connecting the dots to the vote tampering. Another scientific presentation provides the data - the evidence - of the Dominion voting machines miscounting at the exact hours, and in the locations where the corruption could best go unnoticed. You can see it all unfolding like the rising climax of a good storyline, with the mastermind behind the curtain telling which precincts to tinker with technology.

4) No! I am not vaccinated for shingles, pneumonia, influenza, or Covid-19, neither do I plan to partake in this nasty political prescription. On the other hand, I think I had a 'case' in August. However, I did not go to the doctor, nor was I 'tested.' The semantical blip in calling non-symptomatic people' cases' is to sustain the numbers and prop up the economic panic. In my 'case,' I had a few symptoms: a chest so heavy it felt like a gorilla was terrorizing my lungs, with headache, cough, sore throat, and a fever. So when the going got rough, I went to sleep for two days straight. All this to make the 'case' in that I am proof, among the 99% who did not die from exposure to the virus.

The consequences of opting out on the vaccine are chilling, impacting travel, freedom of association, free markets, individual liberty, and this woman's 'right to choose.' I will not get the antibody test because I want to stay out of the "system." That could mean barring me from travel, possibly crossing state lines, not getting to see my family. But I already told you I'm a homebody at heart. The only regrets would be to miss our annual trek to JAC, again, and REALM-global's Aspen and BVI summits.

Meanwhile, I am working diligently, but pacing myself on THE LAST VERSE, Vol. 7 of 7 in CARRINGTON. The story title symbolizes why the great pipe organists saved the last stanza for the grand finale. In singing the great hymns' beloved lyrics, the last verse still resonates to bring home the triumphant, eternal, meaning. I promise to keep the snark to a minimum while not losing sight of the characters and their points of view we've come to know and love.

When that chapter of my life is finished, I'll think of something else worthwhile to stay busy. This seller storm of real estate will not last forever. Do you think I should run for the at-large seat of the Marxist-socialist leaning local school board?

Then again, maybe I'll get banned from social media, or my children will disown me for still hammering away at these injustices. Either way, some things are worth repeating. In the end, it's all for them.

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